Multiple Submissions on Extra Credit Assignments

Great Question on Multiple Submissions on Extra Credit Assignments


Great Question:
Hi Say,
I was wondering if for the 2 extra credit assignments, if we upload at different times (with clicking “re-submit”), are you still able to see our previous submissions? Just wanted to make sure you are getting all of them.
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Thank you for your email.

Upload as many times as you like. I can see them all through a drop down menu for each upload date and time.

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Where do I resubmit work to in Canvas?


I looked through the syllabus but it did not state where I am to submit corrected photograph assignments.
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Thank you for your question.
You submit your corrected work to the assignment it is for.  So, if you are reworking the first assignment on a self portrait, then go to the first assignment and submit your new work like you did your first submission.  Canvas will say that the work is late, but I’ll override this message on my end.
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