Multiple Submissions on Extra Credit Assignments

Great Question on Multiple Submissions on Extra Credit Assignments


Great Question:
Hi Say,
I was wondering if for the 2 extra credit assignments, if we upload at different times (with clicking “re-submit”), are you still able to see our previous submissions? Just wanted to make sure you are getting all of them.
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Thank you for your email.

Upload as many times as you like. I can see them all through a drop down menu for each upload date and time.

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What is the best plan of action for me to get caught up?

I have had a work injury and this is why I am behind on my class work. Work Comp is slow in getting me to be able to see a doctor. I finally saw the orthopedic doctor yesterday and had a cortozone shot to reduce the swelling. It seems to be starting to work. Thankfully. It has been difficult to use my hand for the last two months but the last two weeks have been extremely bad.  Please let me know how I might best start to catch up on my assignments.


Sorry to hear you were injured.  It is good to hear you are on the mend though and ready to get back to work.

As for assignments, you know how to check your grades, right?  There is a link that says “Grades” on the left hand column a little ways down the page.
Image shows where a student can click on the home Moodle page to check for grades.
Click on this link to open a new window that will show you the grade you have earned for each assignment.
The best course of action is to see what assignments are due immediately and get those in first.  At this time of the term, we are looking at the Camera Raw Exercise being due this Sunday and two response posts to the discussion board.  Get those in so that you may have the opportunity of earning 100 points for the work completed.
The next would be to look at all the missing work you have and get that work in.  What I am seeing you are missing currently is the following:
  •  Either an original post or two response posts to discuss a memorable image
  •  All posts to Pick an Image and Critiquing Rules
  •  A response post to Midterm Questions
  •  The Family assignment
Late work will earn you a maximum of 60 points, which is much better than zero points for not getting work in at all.  As you have one opportunity to submit late work, make this extra time work for you.  You will want to be sure to see what other students have done in the Student Gallery for assignments so that you may earn the highest grade possible.  You have until Week 13 to get the late work in.  Just submit it to the assignment it is meant for.
As for work you have submitted on time and did not earn the grade you wanted, you may rework the assignment(s) and subit the corrected work for regrading by Week 13.  Again, just submit the work in the assignment it applies to.
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Where do I resubmit work to in Moodle?


I looked through the syllabus but it did not state where I am to submit corrected photograph assignments.
Thank You,
Thank you for your question.
You just need to resubmit your corrected work to the assignment it is for.  I will go through all the assignments again twice.  Once around mid-semester and once at the very end of the term.  All work resubmitted will be regraded at this time.
Hope this helps,