Great Student Gallery Question

Great Question:
I was wondering, on your Week 1 Midweek: Just Checking In post, you said, “I also see many of you have your Student Gallery image in.  Well done!  This will be the only assignment that can be shot with a smartphone or in auto mode on your camera.  After this, we are going full manual!  Yay!

Does this mean that Student Gallery Image | Due Week 1 can be with our iphone? and we can upload that picture?


Thanks for your question.

Yes, this is what this means.  You may use your phone for the Student Gallery assignment.   We know there are a few of you still getting your camera in hand so we built this assignment so that you can use a automatic camera.  What this assignment is working on is being able to resize your photos correctly, adding exposure data, encouraging you to be creative in your images, and giving you an opportunity to learn how to correctly submit photos in Canvas.
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I have a photoshop issue…

for the HDR tutorial, I opened them through adobe bridge into photoshop, did the merge to HDR pro, set the mode to 32 bit, hit ok, did some HDR toning and now i’m trying to save it but i don’t have the option of saving it as a JPEG and i’m not sure why. let me know if you know why !
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JPGs can not be saved as 32 bit.  They need to be 16 or less.  To fix this, go to Image/Mode and chose 16 bit
Here is a quick video to show you what to do and that it will save as a JPG.