Finding Due Dates in Canvas Quickly

An easy way to find out what is due when, is to go into Assignments in the left-hand navigation tool.
Inline image 1
Once you are in the assignment area, you can create a find (Cmd+f or Ctrl+f) in the web browser you are in.  Then type in ‘Due ” plus the first three letters for the month and one or two digit numbers for the day you want to know which assignments are due.
Inline image 2
Remember, Canvas separates the discussion board post and exams from the assignments.  If you scroll down, you will see all topic listed quickly.

Video Not Showing in Canvas

Great Question:
I have tried to open the “Creating a Catalog and Importing Photos from a Folder” link but nothing is showing up and it seems like it is supposed to be a movie.

I have attached a screenshot. I am also using Chrome.
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.43.29 PM.png

Thank you for letting me know about this and the screenshot.  It was very helpful. It is also good to learn where Canvas may be giving us trouble so that we can work around it.

I did log in to see if I had any challenges, and I did not.  I was using Chrome too.  So, let’s see what we can do about getting you moving forward.  The first thing I would like you to do is to click the page-out arrow at the top of your screen.  Does this open the movie for you?
If not, please try a different browser next.