Great Student Gallery Question

Great Question:
I was wondering, on your Week 1 Midweek: Just Checking In post, you said, “I also see many of you have your Student Gallery image in.  Well done!  This will be the only assignment that can be shot with a smartphone or in auto mode on your camera.  After this, we are going full manual!  Yay!

Does this mean that Student Gallery Image | Due Week 1 can be with our iphone? and we can upload that picture?


Thanks for your question.

Yes, this is what this means.  You may use your phone for the Student Gallery assignment.   We know there are a few of you still getting your camera in hand so we built this assignment so that you can use a automatic camera.  What this assignment is working on is being able to resize your photos correctly, adding exposure data, encouraging you to be creative in your images, and giving you an opportunity to learn how to correctly submit photos in Canvas.
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For the Rules Assignment, Do We Use the Same Subject?

Great Question:
I have a question about the Rules/No Rules Assignment. Do you want us to use the same subject/background for the assignment? For example, if I took a picture of a book using the rule of thirds, do you want me to take a picture of the same book for the composition that breaks the rule? Or can it be a totally different image as long as it breaks the rule?



Great question. Each photo should be different. You can photograph whatever you like for each rule. When I think of this assignment, I think of it like a scavenger hunt. I look for something cool/interesting that I want to photograph and then I work to figure out which rule to keep or break well to create the photo.

Happy hunting,

Resizing in Lightroom and Photoshop

Great Question:
How do I go about trying to save my photo to make sure it meets the assignment requirements?   I used Lightroom CC but was unsuccessful and proceeded to try Photoshop and it worked on there to just save it in the format required for the assignment. If I need to clarify please let me know! Thank you for your time!



Quick Steps on Exporting Images in Lightroom:

  1. After you have imported and processed your photo(s), go the the Library module at the top right-ish corner of Lightroom
  2. Choose the photo(s) you want to export in the film strip at the bottom.  You may hold down the Command/Control key to select more than one photo
  3. Click the Export button at the lower left corner of Lightroom
  4. In the new window, work your way down
    1. Decide on your export location and if you want it in a sub folder
    2. Custom name the photo(s) to the assignment’s requirements
    3. Correct File Settings to:
      1. JPG
      2. AdobeRGB (1998)
      3. Quality is 80 or higher – the higher the number the better the quality but also larger files
    4. Resize to fit the Long Edge to 1920 pixels at 72 PPI
    5. Do not output sharpen
    6. Include All Metadata – but remove Person Info and Location Info if personal
    7. Do not watermark your photos for this class
  5. Click the Export button

Here is a sample of how the window should look.


Quick Steps on Exporting Images in Photoshop:

After you have opened and processed your photos, you will want to resize them for submission.  When you resize in Photoshop, you are changing the actual size of the original image if you save it under the same name.  As we are sizing down, this means that your 1920 long images would not be good to print any bigger than a couple of inches in finished size.  To save your large files size, follow these steps.

  1. Process your large photo so that it looks like you want it to
  2. Save your large photo
  3. Go to File Save As and save your large photo again with the assignment requirement name
  4. Resize your photo by going to Image > Image Size in the top menu
  5. Change the Resolution to 72 PPI first
  6. Correct the longest side to 1920 pixels
  7. Click the OK button
  8. Go to File Save As and save your now smaller photo as a JPG from the drop-down menu

Now all you will need to do is log into Canvas, go to the assignment, and click on the Submit button at the top right of the assignment to upload it.  Please remember to include your exposure notes in the Comments area of the upload.


Video Not Showing in Canvas

Great Question:
I have tried to open the “Creating a Catalog and Importing Photos from a Folder” link but nothing is showing up and it seems like it is supposed to be a movie.

I have attached a screenshot. I am also using Chrome.
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.43.29 PM.png

Thank you for letting me know about this and the screenshot.  It was very helpful. It is also good to learn where Canvas may be giving us trouble so that we can work around it.

I did log in to see if I had any challenges, and I did not.  I was using Chrome too.  So, let’s see what we can do about getting you moving forward.  The first thing I would like you to do is to click the page-out arrow at the top of your screen.  Does this open the movie for you?
If not, please try a different browser next.

Guidance on the Chair Assignment Exposures

I’m having the worst time getting the exposure right for the chair assignment. At this point I’m just guessing when I choose the settings.

Thanks for letting me know.

First we need to determine if you are you using your camera’s meter or the Basic Exposure Formula (also known as the Sunny 16 Rule)?

If you are using your camera’s meter, then push the trigger button down half way to see the meter reading. If the lit area is on the minus side of the scale at the bottom of your viewfinder, then you need to slow down your shutter, open your aperture and/or increase your ISO until your meter has the center line/0 lit up.

If the lit area is on the plus side of the scale at the bottom of your viewfinder, then you need to quicken your shutter, close down your aperture and/or decrease your ISO until your meter has the center line/0 lit up.

If you’re using the Basic Exposure Formula (BEF), then you need to determine which lighting condition your chair is in and dial that setting into your camera. As a refresher, BEF states that when you subject is in bright sun you aperture will be set to f/16 with your shutter speed set to your ISO. Put another way: 

BEF = F/16 @ 1/ISO on a sunny day.

Note: it is best if you can get your chair into a sunny spot or bright light. Here are some exposure settings for various lighting conditions with an ISO set to 100:

Chair is out in to the daylight with direct sun       – ISO 100,      f/16,   1/125

Chair is in hazy weather                                          – ISO 100,       f/11,   1/125

Chair is in bright overcast                                        – ISO 100,       f/8,      1/125

Chair is in open shade                                              – ISO 100,       f/5.6,   1/125

If your ISO can only go down to 200, then change the shutter speed to 1/250.

Hope this helps.


Where do I pick up my portfolio?


I go to school on campus and was wondering how to pick up my portfolio after you are done with it if I dont wanna mail it? Thank you!
Great question, thanks for asking.
After I have graded the portfolios, I will mail back those that have SASEs.  The remaining work will be in a box at the back of OE 184 on campus.  I will send out an email to everyone to let you know that the work has been placed in the back of this building.
Take care,


Can I shoot new images for the New Images assignment?

For the new images I have a problem, and that is that three weeks ago my harddrive crashed and nothing could be recovered. Luckily I had a lot of pictures still on my camera cards, but a lot is gone. So to have 10 new images from this semester will be hard, I am traveling now and I’m going to shoot a lot here, is it possible I take some photos here and upload them as new images? I will keep the different assignments in mind so that it isn’t just picked out of the blue!

I do have at least 5 images and I’ll dig up more, but to be able to shoot some new one’s would be great 🙂
Oughf!  Sorry to hear about the crash!!  That is painful.
For the New Images assignment – you images should be just that.  You should be taking new images to show off  your new skills acquired by taking this class.  😉
Looking forward to seeing your travels.  😀
Have fun!

I can’t find much information on my famous photographer. What do I do?


I’m facing a big problem, as I’m trying to work on my famous photographer paper. My problem was when I was choosing the photographer.. That I did not know any of the photographers. I googled some them and tried to look for their style of pictures. And I randomly chose mine. I think I could do one of his photos, but it’s so hard to find info about him. Only place I was able to find out little bit info of him was his website. So I’m not sure what I should do.
This paper does not require that you tell me all about the photographer.  Instead, you can tell me about your personal responses to his images.
Write a 2-3 page college level, double spaced paper. Provide a short biography and a more comprehensive discussion on what distinguishes this photographer’s “STYLE” along with a few words on what your attraction is to this photographer. You are required to site your reference material correctly. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT CONSIDERED A RELIABLE SOURCE OF FACTUAL MATERIAL. Your references should be from books, magazines, or other more reliable websites. The research paper must be your original work; plagiarism is not tolerated.”

I am more interested in reading about how you view the work of your photographer, then I am learning that said photographer started photographing when he was seven after his granddad gave him a camera as a gift.  😉

For the part of citing your source(s), do still cite his website if this is where you get the factual information on him.
Hope this helps,


Which Photos Can Be Used for the Portfolio Assignment?

Hope you are having a good weekend! I was trying to get together my final portfolio but, I was confused about what photos we can actually use. is it JUST photos we have taken in this class assignments? or can it be pictures we have taken ourselves on our own time during this semester? I am going on a trip with my family I thought I could get some amazing photos there but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to use them for our final portfolio. Thank you so much

You are welcome to use any photos that you have taken THIS semester that were shot in full manual mode.  🙂
Looking forward to seeing your great images.  Remember – lighting, angle, and composition.  😉