BEF Exposure Adjustments

I have a question about the BEF Cheat Sheet you have provided for us in this week’s Module section. When the example exposure says “BEF + 3 stops” does that mean we should increase/decrease the stops for BOTH the shutter speed and f-stop, or just one of the two?

Great question, thanks for asking.

When BEF tells you something needs to be adjusted with a + (plus), this means add more light. You can do this by opening your aperture (f/11 to f/8 to f/5.6 is getting brighter one stop at a time.) You can also add light to your exposure by slowing down your shutter speed (1/500 to /1250 to 1/125th of a second is getting slower one stop at a time.) OR you could open your aperture and slow down your shutter. When you do this, you have to be sure to count the TOTAL stops for both. \

So… f/22 to f/16 increases your exposure (brightens the image) by one stop. If you also went from 1/1000 of a second to 1/500th of a second, this too would brighten your shot by 1 stop. The TOTAL you exposure/image would be brighter would be two stops.

Lightroom Export and Exposure Data


Hello I was emailing you to discuss our first assignment. I had a little trouble with it and would like some help if possible. After taking my photo I uploaded it to Lightroom and then exported it. When I exported it I went to change the dimensions of the photo. The 72 PPI was easy to set but the 1920 pixels was a little tricky. I saved it with the length and width each set at 1920 pixels yet it said something completely different when looking at it through my saved folder. I then went and clicked on long edge and entered 1920 pixels at 72 PPI and exported it and that is what I turned in but I guess it did not save that way. How would I do it? I have to admit I totally spaced on adding in the exposure information on the photo. But where would I find the aperture, shutter speed and ISO setting for the image? Just so I know where to find it for next time. Thank you -Rachael Waters


As you have submitted your work in on time, you have the option of making corrections and resubmitting. I don’t want to punish anyone for learning. I would rather that you know how to get it right. 🙂

Sometimes it is easier to show what needs to be done than tell.  Here are a few visuals to help with how to accomplish what you want.

Saving an image in Lightroom
exporting images in Lightroom steps

Using the Library Module to find the exposure information


Using the Library Module to find the exposure information

Hope this is helpful,