I need some advice with Family as an Object Assignment


Hello- I am having a lot of trouble brainstorming for my family project. I am not exactly sure what is right creative wise. For example, I wanted to a knife for my sister, for she is a culinary arts major as well as she is a very sharp person around the edges and says things that can really hurt people. Or another example I was gonna do is a wine glass half full, because that’s the way my mom always thinks and she also likes to drink wine. But I wasn’t sure if that is what you are looking for. Also, do we have to use the same object(s) for all three images? Thank you so much!




Thanks for your questions.
You do not have to use the same object for each person, but it is a good idea to have your objects as theme related as your family is related too.
Now, for your family members, you are on the right path when you talk about how your sister can be cutting with her personality and your mom is a glass half-full person.  These are personalities.
The fact that your sister likes to cook and your mom likes wine are not personalities; They are traits of a person.
Your challenge is to MANIPULATE each object so that it shows the personality of each person.  Just photographing a knife or a half full glass of wine will not do it.  How do we know that your mom is not a glass half empty person?  Showing a glass filled to the midway point does not point out your mom’s views on life in general.  We as an audience will need more.  Consider the environment she may be in.  The lighting you can use to help us understand her views.  Should there be use of a slow or fast shutter?  What about the depth of field?   What other elements/objects can you bring to the image that will help us know more about your mom, sister, you?
Be sure to look at the work of Kristin Keinholz.  How is she showing personalities within her work?
Does this help?

How do I create and effective photo essay?


Hi Ms. Say,

I had a question about the re-do assignments. In the syllabus it says we are allowed to redo an assignment up until the 13th week. I want to try to redo the picture essay if that’s possible. I had a question on how to properly do this assignment. The picture essay had words with each picture, so they were able to explain what was happening. I’m not really sure what to do and need some guidance. Thanks so much!

Thank you for coming to me.

You are correct, any assignment that was submitted on time will have until Week 13 to resubmit corrected work for regrading.  There is no risk of losing additional points.  Only the potential of earning some that were not earned in the first attempt.  You will resubmit the new work to the assignment it is meant for.
Are we looking at the same photos?  I have attached one of them to this email.  When I relooked at your assignment I did not see any words in the photographs.  Nor did I find an explanation of the story in your assignment notes that read, “All of my photos taken in the story were shot with ISO 100 1/13 F5.6.”  
As it is, a photo essay should stand on its own visually.  There should be no wording to explain what is going on.  A viewer should be able to assess the reason for the photographs and emotional content in the images by use of subject matter, composition, and lighting.  It is likely the viewer will miss some of the finer details of the story, but should be able to understand what is going on and the reason for the small collection of images.
The best way to pull this approach off in five to seven images is to show an overall shot to set location/era/environment, some medium shots to show action (or effective lack there off), and close up shots to show details – but not necessarily in that order.
Take a look at some photo essays created by W. Eugene Smith.  Avoid reading the type associated with the images and look at the images.  What do you gather from the images?  How is each composed?  What is the lighting doing in the images?  What angle is Smith shooting from?
Also read this article on Smith’s advice:
All in all, you are looking to fill the answer to the question: “What’s the use of having a great depth of field if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” ~ W. Eugene Smith
While you are working out how to best build a photo essay, you may want to read what this article has to say on the subject too:
Do any of these suggestions help to guide to a better track on creating a successful photo essay?  What questions do you still have?  I am here to help, but don’t want to overwhelm you either.
Take care,

Are allowed to do any other editing for the photos than cropping?

I was just wondering if we are allowed to do any other editing for the photos than cropping? I was doing my photo diary this morning and when I uploaded the photos to the light room, some of them are pretty light colored. I would love to add some contrast or do something else.

After the Chair assignment, you may edit your photos so that they look the best they can!
Have fun,

What light source should I use for the Lighting Dial Assignment?

Im working on the lighting dial assignment and I am in the online class. Do I need some type of alternative flash besides my camera? Or do I use natural lighting? Sorry I am a little confused.
 Please do not use a flash for any part of this assignment.  It should be all done in all natural light.
Thanks for asking,