Do we use the same subject for both images in the Depth of Field assignment in Photo 150?


In the depth of field assignment, I’m having a hard time understanding the assignment, do you mean we should use ONE (the same) subject in both images but change the depth of field, to deep and shallow in two different images? Did I get that right?
For the Depth of Field assignment, yes, do use the same subject for both the shallow and deep depth of field.   For example, if my subject was a cool feather, I would photograph it so that shallow depth of field  made the feather look great and then do a second shot where deeper depth of field made the feather the “hero” in the image too.
Feel free to alter lighting for best effect too!
Have fun with both approaches.
Thank you for your questions,

What can I do if I experience any issues with Canvas?

#1. Make sure your operating system is up to date.  Whether you are using Windows or Mac, both systems should automatically update, but some folks either turn it off or have firewall software that prevents the software update from working. Here are the informational links for updating your operating system software if it is not current:



#2. Try using Chrome or another browser to access the class.  Chrome browser solves most problems. Internet Explorer and Safari tend to be flaky – they will work, and then not work. Firefox might be OK to use also, but the developers of Canvas suggest using Chrome.  Chrome is a free download:

Google Chrome Download

#3. Contact Tech Support #1 & #2 do not solve your problem. If you are still having issues after you’ve tried steps one and two, you will need to contact SBCC Helpdesk. This is a free service for our students and they are very responsive and helpful.  You can find the various ways to contact the Helpdesk at

Please remember that as an online student it is your responsibility to solve technical issues in a timely manner and that technical issues should not be presented as an excuse for late or missing work. The good news is that I have rarely–if ever–seen these steps fail to solve any problem.

What camera should I buy for the class?

I am one of your students in your Photo 109 online class. I was wondering if you can tell me specific cameras that would be perfect to use for your class. I am completely new to professional cameras and I am a bit confused on what I need exactly. Thank you for your time Mrs.Say.

Nice to meet you.  Cameras that would work for this class would be something along the lines of the Canon Rebels (xti, t3i, t4i…), or Nikon’s D5200, D90, D3200, D3100…, or Sony’s Alpha series.

I do recommend that  you go into a camera store if you can and “try on” the different camera bodies.  If you can go earlier in the morning, you have a greater chance of getting help from the people behind the counter.  Just let them know you need a camera that is capable of shooting in full manual mode and your price range.  They should bring you a small selection of cameras.  Have them show you how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed on each and then hold each camera in your hands and try adjusting these dials.  One will probably “fit” better for you than others.  We are all a little different in how we like to control our gear.  Choose the one that works the best for you.
If you want to email be before  you buy it and let me know which body you are considering to just confirm it will work for the class, you are welcome to do so.
Take care,